Becca Rose: Learning To Love My Scars

It’s been two years since I had my life changing surgery; my breast reduction. I can’t quite believe it’s been that long already, it seems just recently I was leaving hospital and starting my new body confidence journey. It’s a topic I’m hugely passionate about as I know how much it changed me personally, and the amount of comments and questions I still receive just shows how important it is to others also. I’ve made a few videos on my breast reduction, including addressing why I got one, in-hospital diary style footage of the process, my scars, my two month post-op update, one year update, and just recently, my two year update and answering viewers FAQ’s which you can see on my YouTube channel.

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Around one in every four pregnant women in the UK will deliver by Caesarean Section. They can be carried out for medical reasons, such as breech presentation, or sometimes they can be chosen for non-medical reasons. Even though it is a very common operation, it is still major surgery and lots of questions can arise for new parents and first-time mums. Helen Taylor Independent midwife ( tackles some of the most common questions women have before a c-section operation.

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Zanna van Dijk’s top tips for getting your mojo back after surgery

Surgery of any kind is a shock to the system, your body and its functionality can change completely in a matter of hours and it takes a seriously strong mindset to come to terms with it. I personally had emergency bowel surgery while travelling through The Maldives. It was completely out the blue and resulted in me having a 10 inch incision across my abdomen and months of recovery as a result. I am now officially 12 weeks post-op and feeling back to my previous self. My recovery came thick and fast, double the speed that my surgeon anticipated, and I want to share with you what I did that helped me come back stronger than before.

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5 Often-forgotten ways to stay safe in the sun.

There’s nothing like a balmy summer’s day and a hit of vitamin D to make us feel great. Many of us are increasingly aware of the damaging effects of the sun on our skin, with risks ranging from premature aging, sun burn to melanoma. Despite, this there are still some areas that we often neglect when thinking about sun protection. Whether you’re enjoying the great British summer or jetting off to sunnier destinations, we’ve put together 5 essential tips to keep you safe in the sun.

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Eat well to heal well - 5 nutrition tips for wound recovery

In the UK alone, 4.7 million surgical procedures, 130,000 burns admissions and 174,700 caesarean sections take place each year. After major traumas like these, the body begins the recovery process. During this time, damaged tissues are removed and new tissues, blood vessels and skin are rebuilt, often forming a visible scar.

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More Than Skin Deep: Managing The Psychological Impact Of Scars

Every year around 100 million patients across the world develop scars. So, it’s a common problem – but scars can also have a significant impact on people’s quality of life. Research shows that scars affect patient’s psychological wellbeing, which can lead to anxiety, social isolation and depression.

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Know Your Skin Type: Know Your Scar

We all know that we should choose beauty products that complement our skin tone, but few of us are aware that our skin type can affect how prone we are to wrinkles and visible signs of ageing, the likeliness of getting acne and even how well our scars heal.

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How Taking A Selfie Could Help You Heal Your Scar

Scars are surprisingly common, affecting 100 million people every year. However, scars are often overlooked when it comes to treatment, with many people not realising that you can actually improve the appearance of a scar.

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Survey Shows 45% of People Don’t Realise You Need to Protect a Scar From the Sun

Holiday season is upon us and people across the UK will be preparing their Summer beauty bag and travel health essentials. However, nearly half of those surveyed in new poll were not aware they need to protect a scar from the sun’s rays.

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Children’s Scars

Information for parents about how scarring affects children.

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KELO-COTE® Scar Spray

Our spray is convenient for use on large scars and hard to reach areas.

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